Joel Fortin in New York Video

Joel came down for a week from Ontario, Canada and stayed at fellow rider/filmer Justin Koebele’s house in Long Island, New York. Despite some car problems and some not so great weather they managed to stack clips for this dialed video. Guest clips featuring Stephon Fung, Justin Koebele, Austin Mazur, and Billy Perr. Filmed and Edited by Justin Koebele

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Downtown Los Angeles BMX: FTL Crew x 217 BMX (LA Clippers)

This is a video my good friend Andrew Gray made, who I met the first day in LA. This was one of the best trips of my life, we rode all day didn’t have any plans and partied at night. Thanks Andrew and Mitchell for the hospitality.

This is Andrew’s description- “Stack’n clips is all we do!┬áThis edit contains some of the best AMs in bmx today but don’t expect all bangers. This isn’t that type of edit. Instead this is what a vacation for people that go hard all year long looks like. We didn’t take filming seriously and rarely brought the cameras out, choosing to ride and have fun over turning it into what some consider a task. With a crew this heavy, you know everyone would be gettin clippers any time the cameras came out. The idea was to have a great time and if we got stuff, cool, if not who cares?┬áThis started for us with Mitchell winning a spot in Red Bull Phenom this summer, we got flown out to Los Angeles for a week at the end of July during X-Games and Red Bull put us up in the Millennium Biltmore in downtown LA. During check-in we happened to meet “the Bill’s” (Perry and Malkotsis) who were on their own trip out in Cali for a couple weeks. They weren’t able to stay in the room they had originally planned so we figured why not share our room with them. What followed would be not only one of the top 5 bmx trips I’ve been on but one of the best weeks of my life. Everything worked out perfectly from the time we left for the airport to the moment we pulled back into my drive making the entire experience nothing but amazing. This edit is comprised of footage the two Billy’s and I collected during a few times we happened to take the cameras with riding. We found ourselves riding pretty much all day and night the entire time. There are some guest clips some of the other Phenom dudes and some fellow midwestern cats that we also met by pure chance. Hope you enjoy the edit and checkout and for more content from both crews. Thanks one last time to Red Bull and all the people we shared memories with in the wild wild west.

Riders- Mitchell Kent, Billy Perry, Bub Finney, Billy Malkotsis, Nahuel Nieto, Dan Kruk, Matt Lough, Brandon Webster.
Filming- Andrew Gray, Billy Perry, Billy Malkotsis
Edit- Andrew Gray”