Hurricane Sandy Long Island Spots

Justin Koebele, Mike Nieto, and myself got a chance to ride and film at this sick spot that was created from Hurricane Sandy. We got a few clips that will be in upcoming edits.

Justin Koebele, Tbog. Photo- Mike Nieto

Billy Perry tailwhip. Photo- Mike Nieto

Mike Nieto barspin

Volume Bikes- Billy Perry Edit

New edit for Volume Bikes , haven’t had a chance to post this the past few days due to power outages on the east coast, but check this out if you haven’t already!

“Our Long Island connect Billy Perry really came thru with the goods for this edit. Billy is an exceptionally talented bike rider with an ever-expanding bag of tricks. From textbook whips and suicides, to dialed nose manuals with ambidextrous barspinning abilites in the mix, Billy can seemingly do it all with laid back style and a smile. Keep an eye out for a lot more from this guy in the future.”

Filmed by: Justin Koebele, Billy Malkotsis, Jake Layton, Anthony Panza, Grant Germain, Jon Nemecek