Billy Perry Street BMX Edit 2014 (Forgotten Footage)

“I filmed for this video at the end of 2013 to early 2014 at spots all over Long Island, and NYC and never got around to putting it out. I started working on a new VX project and these clips kept collecting dust but I decided to finally dig them up and let them see the light of day. Hope you enjoy.
Film- Jake Layton, Stephon Fung, Justin Koebele, Jamari Leacock, Matt Schleyer, Anthony Panza, and probably a few more I can’t remember.
SNAPCHAT- @BillyPerry631
Filmed on a Canon t2i
Future- March Madness
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Day in New York City with Jake Layton, Billy Perry, and Bill Malkotsis

Myself and Jake Layton headed to New York City from Long Island to ride around and get a few clips for this short Day in NYC video. We found parking in the Lower East Side next to a playground with a flat rail and a basketball court which ended up being a perfect warm up spot. We cruised around and met up with a few friends at LES skatepark and headed down into the financial district from there and ended up filming a few things.

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Thanks, hope you enjoy!
Filmed on a Gopro Hero 3+, Canon t2i, and iPhone 6.

Billy Perry 2015 BMX Video

“New video I’ve been working on with Justin Koebele over the past 10 months, filmed all over the streets of Long Island, NY and New York City. Shoutout to and


Filmed with a VX2100 and VX1000
Filmed:Justin Koebele. Addition filming by Austin Mazur and Zach Marin.

TRIAD$- CallMeBack (ft. Bones)
Summer Of Haze/Sakura-Jessica “

Joel Fortin in New York Video

Joel came down for a week from Ontario, Canada and stayed at fellow rider/filmer Justin Koebele’s house in Long Island, New York. Despite some car problems and some not so great weather they managed to stack clips for this dialed video. Guest clips featuring Stephon Fung, Justin Koebele, Austin Mazur, and Billy Perr. Filmed and Edited by Justin Koebele

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